2017 Elgin Fringe Festival


Thursday, September 14 at 6 PM

Friday, September 15 at 6 PM

Saturday, September 16 at 1:30 PM

Sunday, September 17 at 1:30 PM



Magicians have a terrible problem. After learning its secrets, they can’t experience magic anymore. Exceptions to Reality is the story of a shy awkward kid growing up on the southwest side of Chicago who glimpsed wonder and shares that experience in his reality bending magic.


“With a mind as sharp as his switchblade, he makes it all look smooth and automatic — perfectly … magical.”

William Pack at the Elgin Fringe Festival 2016
Posted by Mark Averill – theelginreview.blogspot.com

In a show entitled “A Life Among Secrets,” illusionist William Pack combines story-telling and quick-witted humor with classic sleight-of-hand and psychic magic. At first his friendly, laid back delivery may make you think you can outsmart him. And as he deconstructs a few basic tricks, he dares you to question “what’s the point?”

That’s the moment when two cards switch places, two handkerchiefs become one, and Pack produces secret words known only to the audience.

Numerous people share the stage at various times, as assistants, and Pack’s excellent showmanship will have you guessing whether he’s working with a confederate. With a mind as sharp as his switchblade, he makes it all look smooth and automatic — perfectly … magical.

The Chicagoland references and clever one-liners are a great use of space between tricks, but this is no warm up act. When you see the amazing recreations of famous tricks by Max Malini and Harry Houdini, made all the more mesmerizing by Pack’s historical accounts, your disbelief will disappear into thin air. And he does it all without a wand.

“It was really something to see the audience shift so
quickly from gasping in awe to laughter.” –P. Blubaugh

For more information or to contact William, please visit his Facebook page (and like & follow for the latest news).


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